Tie Dye Wear

ADULT T-Shirts

 Sizes: S-M-L-XL - $3.95
 2XL / 3XL - $ 5.25,  4XL / 5XL- $6.25
Please call for more information. Sold on Prepacks # 001 - 015

Sunshine   Minty Rainbow Lagoon Jelly Bean
Desert Rose   Blast Stella Blue Pride
Montego Bay   Mint Fusion Black Rainbow Lava Lamp
Woodstock   Rasta Blue Neon Rainbow Reactive Rainbow
  Multi-color neon rainbow spiral tie dye t-shirt
Lavender Blue   Watermelon Saturn Wild Spider
  Pink, green swirl
Spiral Purple/LT Purple   Blue Ocean Spiral Blue & Yellow Blue Jerry
Crystal Camo   Spiral Yellow & Orange Spiral Pink / LT Pink Eclipse  
Evening Sky  


Moon Dance Spiral Royal & Red  
Eternity   Fluorescent swirl Tropical Breeze Kingston  
Flo Blue & Pink   kaleidoscope Blaze Mardi Gras  
Coral Reef   Tour Bus Flo Yellow & Lime Independence  
Union Jack   Rasta web Pastel Neon Spring Time  
Aurora   Galaxy Karma Multi Rainbow  
  Multi color spiral tie dye t-shirt  
Rainbow Burst   Santa Barbara Antigua Barbados  
Saint Lucia   Trinidad Festival Flashback  
Camo Swirl   Carnival   Pastel Neon  
ADULT  SIZES: S-M-L-XL - $4.75   2X-3X - $5.75
YOUTH SIZES: XS-S-M-L - $4.75  
    Sunburst Rainbow Vee Rainbow    
SIZES: M-L-XL - $4.75   2X - $5.75 
Prepacks # 016 & 017  
    Tye Dye Guitar    
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Available in same patterns as Adult Tie-Dye T-shirts above
Sizes: XS/S/M/L $3.95 each
Prepacks #100 - 102
Youth T-Shirts
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